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ASSISTANT EDITOR - Kellen, funkeira de sucesso, retorna para a casa de sua família na periferia para tentar resgatar sua imagem de um cancelamento nas redes sociais.

Em breve | Link: IMDB

ASSISTANT EDITOR - Ariana sonha em ser cantora e o concurso da escola pode ser sua oportunidade de brilhar.

Disney + | Link: IMDB

ASSISTANT EDITOR - Ariana has always gone unnoticed until, unintentionally, she posts a video in which she declares herself to the most popular boy in school.

Netflix Brasil | Link: IMDB

ASSISTANT EDITOR - Two feature-length films. A psychological thriller surrounding the real murders of Manfred and Marísia von Richthofen orchestrated by their own daughter, Suzane, along with her boyfriend and brother-in-law, the Cravinhos brothers.
Amazon Prime | Link: IMDB

EDITOR - feature-length film. A fake Uruguayan Chamber of Legal Marijuana travels to the United States to find 50 tons of cannabis to supply the country. Produced by Loro Films and Pardelion

-Special Jury Recognition on Santa Barbara International Film Festival 2018 

-Silver Biznaga on Málaga Spanish Film Festival. Zonacine Audience Award 2018

Link: IMDB

ASSISTANT EDITOR - Colombian documentary, directed by Emiliano Mazza de Lucca

-Best documentary on Biarritz International Festival of Latin American Cinema 2016  

Link: IMDB


EDITOR - an inside look at Yanomami, Paiter Surui and Huni Kuin tribes and their struggle to protect the Amazon rainforest.

13X26' episodes | Canal Futura

EDITOR - Latin American science and art come together with music written by Paulinho Moska and guests.
12x52' episodes | HBO Mundi

EDITOR - in this second season, five Latin American artists will be invited to travel Brazil with the challenge to create a song for each destination visited.

12x28' episodes | HBO MAX UP

EDITOR - Arlindo Grund's fashion tv show.

13x28' episodes | Sony Brasil

EDITOR - World Cup 2018. History of Brazilian World Cups wins. | Sony Brasil


ASSISTANT EDITOR - Itaú institutional ad

EDITOR - institutional ad for Telemundo news from Teledoce Uruguay

DIRECTOR|EDITOR - a eleven-day trip through the Uruguayan eastern coast

DIRECTOR|EDITOR - beaches and beautiful places from Rio de Janeiro

DIRECTOR|EDITOR - the whiteboard Valentine's Day project

DOP|EDITOR - City and Colour Comin' Home, cover by Thiago Martul

EDITOR - videoclip from Uruguayan rock band 'Cashetano la Merluza'